The fixed beginning of Jewish settlement in Holešov cannot be determined.All written medieval documents came to nothing during a destructive fire in 1560 and so was destroyed the original wooden synagogue.
A new renaissance synagogue was raised at the same place.This information we can find in text on the east side of prayer´s room above tabernacle /aron ha kodesh/.A decorative shield,provided with a crown and raised by two lions,includes these words-"At this place was founded and here was the number of the year 320/=1560 ch.e./after the fire.Now it was pretty renewed with paintigs and stucco in 497/=1737 ch.e./ after Creation of the Throne and the Footstool."
The building is not turned exactly eastwards but slightly to Northeast,which is very interesting.Its architecture appears to be one of the last exhibits of so called Polish type´s synagogue.The floor of the prayer´s room is-as usually- situated 1 m bellow the surrounding ground-level,to realize the words of Psalm /130,1/-"Out of the depths I cry to you,ó Lord!"
There was one practical reason,too:not to tower above surrounding buildings,which was the ultimative order of the church proprietor of the manor.Synagogue´s roof was low lying from the same reason.
Seven windows of the prayer´s room symbolizes seven days of Creation.The painting above almemor /=a platform for reading of Torah/ was motivated by cabalistic book Sefer Jecira.
Texts on the walls of prayer´s room give a witness to the presence of cabalists.Four times there is mentioned Angel Metatron,a protector of this synagogue,who according to the tradition composes all prayers of worshippers to a diamond crown and puts it on the head to God Himself,may be blessed ans sacred.
Four floors of building symbolize four cabalistic worlds: the room of prayers corresponds with Assijah-the world of acts,the women´s tribune with Jecirah-the world of forming,the religious study/Bejt ha midrash/ with Berijah-the world of Creation and geníza /the loft/ corresponds with Acilut-the world of Ideas.Four stairs to tabernacle in the prayer´s room correspond with these symbols,too.
Almemor-bíma- is noted for its fine smith´s handicraft.Probably it belonged originally to Jewish community in Døevohostice,a little town near Holešov.At this almemor there werw used to open the sacred scrolls of Torah and the memebers of community sat at the benches along the sides surrounding almemor and listened to the reading aloud...In a symbolic sense it was the living pulsating heart of Torah inside the living body of community.The room of prayers is spacious enough to do three steps forwards before the prayer Shmone esre and three steps back after ending it.
Synagogue reminds of the characteristics of Jerusalem´s Temple:tabernacle with its parochet / the veil/ on the east side,in which were kept the sacred scrolls of Torah,corresponds with High Sanctuary of Temple,the room of prayers /forr male service only/ symbolizes Temple´s courtyard and women´s tribune corresponds with women´s courtyard in Temple. From without the building reminds of a cube,which is considered a most perfect form except a sphere and which was the form of Temple´s sanctuary,too.Magen david is also inscribed in a cube.
In nineties of the 19th century there was built a new synagogue , in decorative historizing Moor-Romanesque style.It was consecrated ceremonially on 3.9.1893.
Near was built the house as a rabbinate and as a winter room of prayer.Both these buildings were burnt out by nazis.The first attempt to burn out the synagogue did nazis at night 24.7.1941,but municipal fire brigade put out the fire.Next time /11.8.1941/ was the fire brigade forbidden from putting out.

The debris were removed in a short time.

To commemorate this woeful event,there is organized /since 2001/ a festival of Jewish culture with a concert in the old synagogue.

Amateurish film about burning of New Synagogue and about removing its debris.
1-st part of film
2-nd part of film