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g. The lotus leaf obscures the beauty of the lotus flower by its side. There is a saying that "the safflower still needs green leaves." Doesn't the lotus flower need a lotus leaf? Lotus roots are not stained with mud, and its spirit is worth learning! I also like the small fish in the pond and see them swimming freely. I also want to be as free and happy as they are! I like autumn. I like to step through the narrow mountain trails to see the fruits of the mountains and plains. Looking up and looking at the scene of a good harvest. The pears are ripe, the oranges are red, the apples are red, and the fruits are particularly fascinating. In the mountains and fields, the uncles of the peasants are busy. They are busy with the autumn harvest and see their smiles. I am really happy for them! No pain no gain. The working people are the most glorious! I like winter. I like the feeling that the white snow in the winter is gradually melting in the palm of my hand. I like to sit alone in front of the window, through the glass, to appreciate the slowly falling beauty, as if I entered the world of snowflakes, a feeling of immersive. How amazing! I also like the faint fragrance of plum blossoms in winter. I like the spirit of not being afraid of cold and not afraid of suffering. I like nature's bit by bit, like every loved one and friend around me Newport 100S. I like my home, I prefer the motherland - mother. [Article 4] I like the grass of spring. When the spring breeze of the hustle and bustle smashed through the fertile land, the soft and delicate grass explored the small and exquisite head, and seemed to want to grow up quickly and couldn't wait to appreciate the world outside. I like the beaches of summer. The thin, yellow sand is covered with newborn crabs; the shells are washed by the sea on the shore Marlboro Lights, lazily lying on the soft sand, enjoying the feeling of being blown by the sea breeze and enjoying the sunshine. I like the autumn maple leaves. Every piece is like a burning fire, making people feel happy, and when I stop and watch, I will always make my little heart full of warmth. I like the strange leaves. I like round, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped leaves. I also like the leaves of spring, and the tender yellow green is full of vitality. Summer leaves, green and oily. Autumn leaves, golden. I think they can bring us happiness. I like the wild fruit in the suburbs. Red, yellow, blue, pink, colorful. Round, strip, elliptical, and varied. I like to spend, no matter which one. I like the lotus flowers that are not stained with mud, the fragrant osmanthus, the plum blossoms, the delicate jasmine, the elegant orchids... they all feel refreshed. I like sugar, no matter which one. I like the delicate chocolate, the sweet candy, the good-looking and fun bubble gum, the soft marshmallow. I also like the unremarkable fruit candy, apple flavor, strawberry flavor, orange flavor, I like the cloud. They are like velvets, and they cover the whole sky. Sometimes they are like tired sheep Cigarettes For Sale. They stay in the air and rest. I like it. I like to find all things that I like in my life!
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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