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sincerely, because the love of animals is selfless, because it makes humans, but also love, really good, I like it. I like this world, I like to sit down at the window, because there will be sunshine in my heart. I like [The second chapter, I like the first sunshine of spring, and spread in the misty morning mist; I like to walk in the forest with the breeze, humming the little song, watching the birds fly freely on the vast blue sky, I like it. The feeling of happiness and leisure I like the starry sky in the summer. When the night falls, the earth is quiet, the soft night stars are like diamonds, dotted on the dark blue sky cloth, flashing like the fishing fire on the river. I like the rice fields in the fall. In the small valley, the breeze blew, the rice waves rolled, the waves of waves and the waves of the beautiful rice scented; I also liked the grass that swayed in the autumn wind, the whiteness was so desolate, beautiful and lonely. I also like dreams, I like to enjoy the dreams of that dream, I always dream that I can fly, and with the birds, fly freely in the blue sky. I dreamed of the scenes of the horses running; I dreamed of the lotuses like the sea Marlboro Gold, and at night, they were like pink lanterns, boundless. The hardest time to forget that time, I dreamed that I was swimming in the deep sea, whispering with the fish, playing together, and jumping out of the water from time to time! I still like mountains. No matter which one, I like the majestic Huashan, the hazy Huangshan, the clouds of Mount Lushan and the majestic Mount Tai... I think they are just as majestic! I like to open the "flowers" on people's cheeks. Every time before the exam, my mother will send me to school Cheap Cigarettes. When I say "goodbye," she will give me a kind smile, so that my nervousness will suddenly fly to the clouds. I also like friends, I like to play with them at night, and the atmosphere in the yard is filled with joy Newport Cigarettes Coupons, so that the night is no longer monotonous. I like life, I like so much like to wander in my heart! [3rd] I like spring. I like the spring girl waving her sleeves to wake up the earth. I like to watch the willow girl by the lake while combing its long "hair" and twisting the graceful figure. Seeing the sweet "smile" of the grass, they nodded their heads and waved, as if to say hello to the people coming and going. I like colorful flowers, pink peach blossoms, white pear blossoms, red roses, yellow rape blossoms... they are very bright in the spring. I like summer. Like the summer pond, the lotus, lotus leaf and lotus root in the pond have a unique beauty. The lotus is like a little girl from Tingtin
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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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